Our Story

The center support and strength within our family, Babbette, was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in the spring of 2006. She and the rest of our family endured countless grueling treatments, hospital stays, and long distances traveled away from home over her almost 9 year fight.

Babbette was a mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend to many. She lost her battle on November 17, 2014 but her inspiring journey continues to give hope today. We have never forgotten her dream of a life without cancer for herself and others. To benefit families dealing with illness, Babbette’s Seeds of Hope will donate a portion of the proceeds from our products to hospitals, research, and patient advocacy.

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Giving Hope

The mission of Babbette’s Seeds of Hope is to support cancer patients going through cancer treatments and research by raising money and donating the proceeds to organizations that engage in cancer research and organizations that support patients going through treatments for cancer and other illnesses.


Our Deep Gratitude

In honor of our Babette, mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend to many, we have established our foundation, Babette's Seeds of Hope. We counted only on ourselves, on our farm, and on what we really knew how to do - grow quality products from the wild.

And we were surprised when other companies became interested in our fund and what we do. But we were happy that they also decided to do their part and help families with cancer, as well as hospitals and research centers!

We express our deep gratitude to the companies 1F Cash Advance, Streu's Pharmacy, Stefano's Slo Food Market, and Farrill's Sunrise Nursery and Garden Center.

Streu's Pharmacy

Streu's Pharmacy's team is deeply committed to treating each patient with care and compassion in serving both individual community customers and most of the region's long-term care facilities. Streu's Pharmacy offers a host of value-added, personalized services, combining traditional and holistic approaches. In everything it does, the pharmacy aims to practice smarter and serve better, advancing health and elevating care for our whole community.

While Streu's Pharmacy is happy to fill a simple prescription, it specializes in complex medication regimens for patients dealing with multiple disease states. Streu's Pharmacy advocates for those it serves and works closely with providers and prescribers as part of a collaborative, comprehensive healthcare team.

Stefano's Slo Food Market

Products offered at the market include local and organic produce, local pasture-raised meats, house-made deli salads, soups, baked kinds of pasta, sandwiches, and coffee, a global assortment of high-quality oils, kinds of vinegar, kinds of pasta, San Marzano tomatoes, conserves, condiments, wine and spirits, and much more.

The concept is World Market and Local Farmer's Market all rolled up into a wonderful Food Hub. Slo Food Market stays as local as possible, and when it goes further afield for products, it makes sure that it goes to a clean field. Slo Food Market wants the people that it partners with to have the same belief that people are stewards of the earth.

Farrill's Sunrise Nursery and Garden Center

Farrill's Sunrise Nursery and Garden Center were started in 1980 as a small landscape service company servicing the Hudson area. Over the years, it developed into a weekend nursery that sold trees, shrubs, and firewood. Today, it is still family-run and a local Hudson business. It has grown into a full-time garden center and nursery, serving Hudson and the surrounding areas throughout Western Wisconsin and the Twin Cities Metro areas. Although the company is a modern garden center, it still practices old-time values of loyalty and honesty. Farrill's Sunrise Nursery and Garden Center pride itself on friendly, helpful customer service.